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Please note: Quixar® is currently in negotiations with a third party for an exclusive sale of Q-Cut™.


Client Specific Upgrades

Want to tweak our off-the-shelf products above? We can tailor our existing products to suit your needs!

Online Database

Remove the need for a physical on-site database server, by using our online servers. Using a secure connection, you are able to access your application from anywhere in the world!

Updates & Bug fixes

We continually monitor the market and products to ensure your product remain current with new ideas and features. We will also ensure all bugs are found and corrected and push these through to you via automatic online updates.


Want more licenses for your product? We can offer you unbeatable prices for purchasing extra licenses for our products.

Budget Flexible

We understand that sometimes budget can be tight and offer both an outright purchase option or a month by month option to rent our product for an affordable fee.

Quick turnaround

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the game and your competitors. We will begin work right away on your product to ensure your business is up & running in no time.

Buy or rent?


Purchasing an existing or new software product gives you an instant boost to your productivity.


Renting is available only for an existing product from our current range of software packages. If you do not wish to outlay a lump sum, why not rent the product for an affordable monthly rate?


Depending on the product and the purchase type, you will be granted a number of licenses. These can be increased or decreased at any time.