• Custom


    Building you a tailored bespoke solution from the ground up.

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  • 24/7


    Supporting you through every phase of the SDLC.

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    No downtime!

    Uptime 24/7 with dedicated virtual server hosting.

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    Sleek and modern websites give you great exposure.

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Welcome to Quixar® Software!

At Quixar®, we build on over fifteen years of software development experience in developing custom software solutions to meet your specific business needs.

We can tailor our existing product range, or build a new solution, tailored to your business.

We always look after our clients with excellent ICT support, virtual server hosting, product upgrades and 24/7 phone support!


Custom Software

Quixar Software uses the latest technologies to build you a customised solution that will achieve all your business requirements. You tell us what you want the software to do and we'll build it!

Support and Upgrades

We provide exceptional phone, virtual and on-site support. We have excellent support packages that allow you to receive all upgrades and updates to our software products.

Virtual Server Hosting

With virtual server hosting, we remove the clutter of all your on-site hardware to our virtual servers. We guarantee your server will experience less down time and data recovery will be taken care of!

Just in case you need any help